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Hello, My name is Abubakar, i am from kano state Nigeria and i am trying to raise funds for this young boy who happens to be my namesake to go to school.

Abubakar is a bright young boy who wants to be a mechanical engineer when he is older, he is quite a handy man, has the zeal to learn and has a vast imagination. To me he is a special kid, I see potential and stands out among his peers. So i took it up to myself to raise money for him. Your kind donation would help in a long way in paying for his tuition fees, books, school uniforms, and his personal well being for the next two schooling years. Thank you.
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  • School Fees For First Session

    I am soliciting funds for his first session only. Let's see how it goes from there.
    ₦13,000 left
    of ₦20,000
  • School Uniform

    ₦1,500 left
    of ₦1,500
  • Shoes

    ₦3,000 left
    of ₦3,000
  • ₦7,000 from Stanley Ume
    1 year ago
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