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Winifred Jacob
Hello I'm Winifred Akpevweoghene Jacob, Freddie for short and I'm a queer black writer who is passionate about activism and sharing my voice to speak for/with those who are unheard. I write about alot of things - Feminism, LGBTQ activism, mental health and intersectionality, I also have an unfinished book in process since I was 17. Unfortunately I have not been able to keep up with creating more amazing contents because of financial instability and would be very grateful for any support I can get.
I need to create a well meaning platform for my blog, writing & creative ideas and even a YouTube channel.
Anything is enough and donating to this cause is a promise of zero regrets. Thank you❤️

Things needed;
A phone
A laptop
Writing materials
Web hosting and design for my blog
Writing circle membership and fellowships
A camera (YouTube)
Other data equipments

*If you don't feel comfortable with sharing your account details or identity, please send to this account ; 2215386546 Zenith bank
If you have another preferred payment method DM me on Twitter - @freddieunicorn5
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