I have been diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal cancer

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Blessing Faase
I have been diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal cancer (back of the nose cancer) it has affected my neck by swollen lymph nodes and they are painful and inflamed am to undergo chemotherapy which cost about 171 thousand for a cycle and am to do 3 cycles
I really need assistance please

I had a little swelling on my neck and it was beginning to get painful so I went on pain killers but it was getting better rather it got worst was having more symptoms like bleeding from my nose and I couldn't breathe well my nose was always blocked is was during the lockdown period so I went National ear hospital kaduna and I didn't find anything in all the test they carried out so they now said they carry out a biopsy on the neck and take to lab for testing but they said their threatre was not operating till after the lockdown and I was in pains so my brother decided I should go back to my state since the lockdown there was better.
Please come to my rescue to enable me get myself back, the pains are really much for me please
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  • Ijeoma Okoro ₦5,000
    May God heal you,and cause his face to shine on you in Jesus Name May God perform this great miracle on you , so you will know that though you fighting one of the most aggressive cancer, that people hardly make it out alive Your case is different because Jesus loves you, he cares for you and he loves you intentionally. Don’t fail him by give up hope Be strong and fight this fight You will be healed and Jesus will make your healing whole in Jesus Name You will testify You are stronger than you think I love you 😘 🤗
  • Mbonu Paschal ₦1,000
    You will get through this and my prayer for you is that everything will end in praise.
  • Donald Ugobude ₦5,000
    You’ll get better for sure.
  • Anonymous ₦5,000
    You’ll be good
  • Anonymous ₦2,000
  • Anonymous ₦15,000
    The Lord is your strength
  • Anonymous ₦5,000
    You will be saved
  • Anonymous ₦2,000
    God loves you. Hang in there, your healing is on the way
  • Anonymous ₦50,000
    Just keep on thanking Jesus, He'll give you what you need
  • Anonymous ₦5,000
    Get well soon warrior.
  • Paul Gogo ₦10,000
    Get well soon
  • Chukwuka Anonye ₦1,000
    Please manage this little amount of mine and I pray God Almighty will heal you completely. AMEN!!! 🙏
  • Anonymous ₦10,000
    Stay healthy, have hope in God.
  • Anonymous ₦30,000
    Hi Blessing, you are in my prayers. Wishing you a speedy recovery and hoping you find strength with each new day.
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