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Fatai Hassan
Hello everyone,

My name is Fatai Olaniyi Hassan.  I am a student of University of the People, major in Computer Science. It is accredited university in United States. I was fortunate to receive a scholarship from the university and enrolled since April 9th, 2020.

The university is a distance learning education structure and requires students to use computer for every readings and assignments. For the past many weeks, I have been attentive to every week’s assignments. But I have been struggling from my phone. There are few assignments that I cannot fulfill the full score, due to lack of correct file submission and edits. A personal computer is needed for almost every part of the course but I do not have the financial ability to acquire one.

While studying full time, I have been working part time jobs that pays $10 weekly. That is average where I’m from. After food, transportation and internet fees, I am left with little or nothing. I tried getting a job at cyber café, hoping to earn some income and have the possibility to use the internet and computer for study. But due to economic impact from the global pandemic, there are no vacancies available at this point.

On the first weekend in June, I had my final exam  for the first term. A new term will commence at the end of June. It requires computer. I do not have the ability to save up for a computer within such a short amount of time. I started this fundraising project so that I can plead everyone, to support me in achieving my learning goals. I really want to not give up the great opportunity of studying in the university. Thank you very much.

Fatai Hassan.
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  • Personal computer

    I need this computer to aid my studies in college.
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