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Priscilla Iguisi
Hi there. As you know, I was robbed recently, and the events of the last few weeks have left me shorthanded to a great extent, which is why I have started this fundraiser, as a way of getting back on my feet within the shortest time possible.
With this fundraiser, it is my desire to buy a very decent mobile device, that will help both my work and personal activities function optimally. I have a goal in mind, an ideal phone that will help me carry this out, but I am a bit short for cash at the moment, which is why I need your help. With a small token of N10,000 and above as the spirit leads, you will be helping me buy my ideal phone. Please kindly assist in this regard. Thank you and God bless you.
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  • Anonymous ₦2,000
    Let's go
  • Anonymous ₦15,000
    You can dooo iiiit
  • Afeez oladoja ₦30,000
    Life is full of challenges. I know you are a strong lady, you will wheather this storm. Please be strong for us.
  • Mobile Phone

    To help my work and personal activities function optimally.
    ₦47,000 raised
    of ₦200,000
  • ₦2,000 from Anonymous
    2 years ago
  • ₦15,000 from Anonymous
    2 years ago
  • ₦30,000 from Afeez oladoja
    2 years ago
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