Celebrating Wealth @ 40

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Temitope Wealth-Ekanem
Martin Wealth Ekanem turns 40!!!

We are excited at how far God has brought him. MWE has been such a blessing to so many people. To celebrate his birthday we have decided to share his WISH LIST with friends,family and well wishers to enable all know how to appreciate him if you will.

Nothing is too small and nothing is too big 😉
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  • Chioma IROH ₦1,000
    Each time Pastor Wealth speaks, I'm moved to tears cos I keep wondering how a man can know God as much as he does.
  • Daniel Ruth ₦2,000
    Pst Wealth the uncommon MAN.
  • Onyinye Abu ₦5,000
    Great future in photography
  • Aminu BABAYI ₦5,000
    Wealth is a special and strong guy. I'm glad our paths met and I got the privilege of meeting you, your lovely wife and adorable children. I desire the very best for you & yours. Have yourself a blast! Blessings.
  • Samsung galaxy note 10

    A phone with large memory space and good camera for his photography work and a stilos pen for editing
    ₦5,000 raised
    of ₦375,000
  • Corporate trousers

    He loves to look good. He wears a size 34 trouser.
    ₦5,000 raised
    of ₦12,000
  • Shirts

    MWE loves to look good. He wears L size shirts and, T shirt
    ₦5,000 raised
    of ₦10,000
  • Camera

    Sony A7iii with lens If you know him, you know he's a creative artist that uses photography as his tool. This is his dream camera. Price...
    ₦10,000 raised
    of ₦900,000
  • Laptop

    MacBook 2018 Pro Touchbar 13 inches, 8GB Ram, 256gb Storage To support his digital artistry. A great laptop is key 😉😉
    ₦0 raised
    of ₦400,000
  • Camera Lens

    Sigma art lens 85mm f1. 8. Not sure about the price of this o
    ₦0 raised
    of ₦100,000
  • Studio light

    Godox AD600 studio light
    ₦0 raised
    of ₦40,000
  • Suits

    The man loves wearing suits. He wears a size 50 suit. Trouser size 34
    ₦0 raised
    of ₦25,000
  • Shoes

    His love for shoes is out of this work. He wears a size 45. Boot, sneakers and corporate shoes
    ₦0 raised
    of ₦25,000
  • An editing tablet

    Wacom intuos tablet(big size) He uses it to edit his designs
    ₦0 raised
    of ₦75,000
  • Martem media Picture frames

    Buy 1 or several beautiful digital, natural and photo manipulation designed by MWE for sale. Price varies
    ₦5,500 raised
    of ₦20,000
  • Leather belt

    ₦0 raised
    of ₦10,000
  • Kunu

    A gallon of kunu 😉😜. Contact Alheri international 😄
    ₦1,500 raised
    of ₦1,500
  • Jeans

    He loves to look good. He wears a size 34 jeans.
    ₦14,000 raised
    of ₦14,000
  • ₦14,000 from Anonymous
    2 years ago
  • ₦5,000 from Dauda Bathnna
    2 years ago
  • ₦1,000 from Chioma IROH
    2 years ago
  • ₦2,500 from Mike Monday Amaliku
    2 years ago
  • ₦5,000 from Abraham Bolarinwa
    2 years ago
  • ₦2,000 from Daniel Ruth
    2 years ago
  • ₦5,000 from Moses Diem
    2 years ago
  • ₦1,500 from Abel Jayms
    2 years ago
  • ₦5,000 from Onyinye Abu
    2 years ago
  • ₦5,000 from Aminu BABAYI
    2 years ago
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