Teenage girls menstrual hygiene.

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Anastacia Amarachi Nickson
We need more action and investments in the menstrual health hygiene. Menstrual health hygiene is a human right. Everyone deserves equal access to products , Menstruation shouldn't be a barrier to education ,work and health. We need to help more young girls who can't access products ( sanitary pads) ,they deserve to have products so they can go to school. My team and I would head to schools to distribute printed informative materials, snack packs and sanitary pads to young girls.
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  • Okebe Blessing ₦1,000
  • Anonymous ₦200
  • Karen Ololade ₦1,000
    Sanitary pads should be free not condoms
  • Kosisochukwu Okereke ₦2,000
    God bless everyone that donates
  • Sanitary pads

    ₦80,368 raised
    of ₦400,000
  • Printed Informative materials

    It will be distributed to all young girls so they can get educated on menstrual health hygiene. They will get to see wise important to use p...
    ₦0 raised
    of ₦60,000
  • ₦20,550 from Daniel Yakubu
    3 weeks ago
  • ₦16,420 from Anonymous
    3 weeks ago
  • ₦30,000 from Blessing Asak Adak
    4 weeks ago
  • ₦1,000 from Okebe Blessing
    1 month ago
  • ₦200 from Anonymous
    1 month ago
  • ₦8,198 from Yvonne Josè
    1 month ago
  • ₦1,000 from Karen Ololade
    1 month ago
  • ₦2,000 from Kosisochukwu Okereke
    1 month ago
  • ₦1,000 from Nosatiere Erhunmwunsee
    1 month ago
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