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Ibitoye Ayodele
On the 7th of April, I left the office to get something around Bolade market in Oshodi. Then my attention taken at the sight of a one-legged lady, hawking bottle/sachet water.

I was shocked as she crossed the road, climb pavements with the load on her head as she hawked.

I got discouraged to buy what I wanted to buy again. And I went in search of her.

After asking of her from people around, I got her number, called her, and discussed with her.
I was able to give her some money for her business. And would give her more too.

She survived an accident in 2006 that took everyone in the bus, including her both parent.

Mary needs shelter, and is willing to return to school, as she dropped out in Jss 3. And is a single mother.
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  • Shelter, Education, Skills, and her Kid

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