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Kehinde Adeleke
Hi, I'm Kenny! I've been self-teaching web development since August 2020 and, with your help, I'm looking to accelerate my journey.

I live in Lagos, Nigeria. My journey of web development started because I want to build a future which is better for me and my community. I see how much opportunity there is in tech and I see how many people around me are struggling - my aspiration is to upskill myself so that I can then help others break into tech as well.

I've now been self-teaching for almost a year in conditions which have been quite difficult.

Poor connectivity: data prices in the Nigeria are especially high and getting connected to the internet is a continuous struggle

Old equipment: my PC is 6 years old and it lacks both a battery and a wifi adapter. I have to work with it plugged in, but with the erratic power supply in the country, days can go by without me being able to code. Even when power is restored, continuous disruption severely hindered my productivity.

Morale struggles: sometimes, I find it difficult to motivate myself to push forwards against all of the challenge and hardship. It's taken me a lot of resilience to keep going with my own learning and personal growth.

But this hasn't stopped me!

In August 2020, I started my journey. I spent the next couple of months nailing down the fundamentals of the web —HTML, CSS, a11y — in order to be fully competent. I took free courses from FreeCodeCamp, Coursera, Udacity, Youtube and a myriad of other free resources on the web.

It has been really difficult with all the challenges I have faced, but I have persevered. I looked the circumstances in the eye and decided that they weren't enough to dissuade me.

With that mindset, even in the less than ideal scenario, I was able to create static websites with the skills I had acquired through the grueling 6 months of learning I had been through. Some of them include:

A Demo Landing Page --
A static UI dashboard --
An interior design Landing page --

Those are my top three projects that I had fun building. I still haven't stopped and right now, I'm learning JS and React.

Now, I want to become a proficient full-stack developer by learning React and Express.

However, for this next chapter, I am really struggling with the equipment I have - it requires a development environment that my laptop struggles to support.

At this point, I have no other choice than to reach out for help. I can't currently afford a new laptop because I am a student and the only option is to raise funds through kind and amazing individuals like yourself.

Every single donation goes towards two things.

It will help me to empower my fellow Nigerians. With every walk I take, the state of my community moves my heart to do something about it, even if just a little. I want to help; I want to empower; I want other Nigerians to be able to harness the opportunities the web offers as well. With your donation, you'd be creating a chain of effects. Your support of me would extend to so many other Nigerians, and they would also go on to create more opportunities for others in their respective communities as well. It's a chain reaction that would make the world better than it currently is.

It will turbo-charge my growth as a web developer. I know I have come so far even in the poor conditions I have, and I know that I can step up to a whole new level with better equipment. This will only be possible with your support - a gesture of kindness that I will never forget. Forever, your name will be inscribed on my heart and my success would never be complete without the mention of your support.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this. As an underprivileged young man in a developing country, it means a lot to me that you are even hearing me out on this, and I will keep working until I am able to repay your support.

Best Regards,
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