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Toluse Francis
Hello there,
My birthday is on 22nd of February and these are things I hope to get.

1. Focusite Recording Setup

These devices are needed if I am to take my recording to the next level. The microphone I use and the software aren’t helping.

2. MacBook Air (2018 is fine)
3. iPhone 11(record better videos for my YouTube

God bless you as you contribute or buy me any
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  • Microphone, mixer, headset

    My current tools aren’t helping as they don’t allow me give the best of sound at input and output level
    ₦3,000 raised
    of ₦90,000
  • iPhone 8s double sim

    For quality video recording
    ₦0 raised
    of ₦250,000
  • MacBook Air

    We all want Good things.
    ₦0 raised
    of ₦500,000
  • ₦3,000 from Anonymous
    1 year ago
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