I need to leave this country

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Virtuous Irianele
The time has finally come for me to pick my passport and one or two clothes and relocate. It’s money to relocate that I’m here for now.

I have now decided that I want to fight for Nigeria from Canada because it is what is good for me and this country. After watching that man address this nation, the little bit of hope I had waned completely. For my own safety and mental health. I have decided that I’m not doing again o. I’m not interested in being here again.

Please donate, God will not shame us at all. Help me leave so I can reduce the population of this country by one.

I’m wowed by the audacity of this government but I want to go and continue being wowed abroad. God bless you as your co-operate.
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  • Relocation to Canada

    ₦27,630 raised
    of ₦3,000,000
  • ₦100 from Anonymous
    4 months ago
  • ₦2,500 from Yhemolee Lee
    4 months ago
  • ₦5,000 from Anonymous
    4 months ago
  • ₦20,000 from Kayode Arigbede
    4 months ago
  • ₦30 from Anonymous
    4 months ago
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