April 18 2020 All for Teajay

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Tolu Akintaro
Because I am a sucker for gifts!!!

Especially thoughtful gifts but I realized in the past how I often expected you amazing lots to magically know the exact gifts that would make me blush for days (as if you lived in my mind). I realized I was shooting myself in the foot and often getting my heart broken by ME!

Because it's 2020 and I can't be caught slacking and expecting you to enter my thoughts to know what to get me.

Because I know you wish me well but we are all on lockdown from #Covid19 but you can still turn up with me here. *wink*
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  • Gift pack from @Oludidit

    ₦10,000 raised
    of ₦10,000

    ₦0 raised
    of ₦100,000
  • An all expense day trip to Almat farms

    ₦25,000 raised
    of ₦50,000
  • Reel Fruit All in One pack

    I have joined fit fam geng
    ₦0 raised
    of ₦6,000
  • Scented Candles and Assorted teas

    Because why not!
    ₦8,000 raised
    of ₦8,000
  • Books Book and more books

    . 29 Single and Nigerian
    ₦4,000 raised
    of ₦4,000
  • Ankara / emoji throw pillows

    ₦0 raised
    of ₦5,000
  • Acoustic Guitar

    ₦0 raised
    of ₦20,000
  • ₦20,000 from Man Dem
    4 years ago
  • ₦5,000 from Victor Yusuf
    4 years ago
  • ₦1,000 from S Daddy
    4 years ago
  • ₦8,000 from S Daddy
    4 years ago
  • ₦8,000 from S Daddy
    4 years ago
  • ₦3,000 from barbra okafor
    4 years ago
  • ₦2,000 from Moyosore laditan
    4 years ago
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